Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Soooo... I have swooped in and annihilated our dining area with cans and cans of spray paint, brushes, stencils, canvases. Probably not the best for the ole respiratory system but my painting space just doesn't have enough damn light! I am resolving to track my progress better and so thus begins a bit of a photo journal...


  1. Sita?! I didn't know you have a blog! I'm loving it by the way - just worked my way through the whole thing. Not sure I can take on another daily blog read but I'll gladly add yours :) Not sure my name will pop up as the commenter (it's Christina, Francis' fiance)

  2. seriously loving these paintings you've been working on!! love the spray paint! xo

  3. Thanks guys!! Very exciting news coming shortly, I'll keep you posted! Christina, thanks for the compliment! I will try to keep interesting things a-coming...