Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday, January 28, 2011

joielala photographie

Yay to Miss Taryn and Shelby and their relaunched site, new logo and all!! I had the greatest honor to have Taryn shoot my wedding and couldn't be happier when she and Shelby asked me to revamp their logo for Joielala Photographie. They wanted something boutique'y and hand-drawn inspired, but not too girly since they are expanding their clientele.  They chose the color scheme and I think it all came together super well! I love my talented friends!!  

Here is a photograb of their home page;


My darling friend Viv just launched her own cosmetic line, VLUX cosmetics!!  I am so excited because I remember when she first started talking about it, and now it's a reality! It's been cool to see the process, from her picking a name to flying to Asia to finalizing the color palettes... I give a lot of props to anyone who can have a vision and make it happen! I use the Studio bronzer, Vintage shadowbox eyeshadows, and Naked lipgloss. I loooooooove all.  The pigments are intense in just the perfect amount. Check it out at and also available in store at Kyss Boutique (Carlsbad, CA)

Yaaay congrats Vivy!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Top Shop SP/SU11 Lookbook is here!

Rarely does a retailer/seasonal launch get my heart racing but I am seriously drooling over Top Shop's SP/SU11 Lookbook. There is some major Native American homage, bohemian rockstar, freespirit goodness going on! Blame it on my alternative upbringing but I'm nearly positive I was a flower child in my past life (slash this life).

Available at Opening Ceremony, Barneys, and so damn conveniently