Friday, January 28, 2011


My darling friend Viv just launched her own cosmetic line, VLUX cosmetics!!  I am so excited because I remember when she first started talking about it, and now it's a reality! It's been cool to see the process, from her picking a name to flying to Asia to finalizing the color palettes... I give a lot of props to anyone who can have a vision and make it happen! I use the Studio bronzer, Vintage shadowbox eyeshadows, and Naked lipgloss. I loooooooove all.  The pigments are intense in just the perfect amount. Check it out at and also available in store at Kyss Boutique (Carlsbad, CA)

Yaaay congrats Vivy!

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  1. SITA! -thanks for all the support. thanks for the logo. thanks for listening to me yap about it for 2 years!

    LOVE, Viv