Wednesday, February 9, 2011

BRIGHT / BBB Berlin, Jan 2011

My first time at the Bread & Butter / Bright tradeshows in Berlin, yeah! I have heard about this show as long as I've been in the industry and it truly lived up to the hype. BBB was in the Tempelhof Airport, once one of the largest buildings in the world and the former location of the Allies airlift operation to deliver food and supplies to West Berlin during WWII. (So cool) The show spanned 7 hangers and was the best of the best brands in premium denim, footwear and apparel. Then on over to Bright on day 2 for skate and streetwear at the former Stasi headquarter building. (I repeat, so cool) The feeling of this show was sooo much different than the behemoth that was BBB, so much more social and intimate. The brands weren't closed off to the public either, sooo nice to not have to take photos in stealth mode. Here are a few highlights below, I left out the boring worky photos cuz I thought 435 photos of shoes might get a little old...

...And this video makes me crack a smile;


  1. eek! i love your photos! :) you have such a good eye miss sita! so happy you got to go... and fun you saw nereida!

  2. Haha thanks!! I wish my photog skills lived up to the vision I have in my mind :p Oh well... <3